Friday, July 23, 2010


Sylvester Stallone was on David Letterman recently, and talked a bit about working with other Hollywood tough guys such as Steve Austin and Jet Li. There's lots of great stuff in this interview including a rather interesting injury Sly suffered during filming.

Sly also talks about former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion Randy Couture, saying:

"if you put all these tough guys in one room together, and let's see who comes out, and you walked in ten minutes later, you'd see Randy Couture sitting on top of us having a chocolate fudge sundae. And we're all, like, gone."

Interesting stuff. Check out the rest of the interview below:

I'm personally really excited about this movie and will write how Randy and the rest of the Hollywood badasses do after I've seen it!

Adrien Brody was also on Jay Leno recently promoting Predators:

Later on in the interview, Brody reveals how he admires Schwarzenegger and, how, in his youth, he would read about him in muscle magazines. Kind of annoying that, even after Leno asks him about his workout, Brody kind of circles around the topic and talks about liver tablets, of all things. Oh, well.
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