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Sadollah comes out very fast and active with his Muay Thai and smartly mixes up his punches and kicks at various levels. Sobotta, obviously outmatched in the striking department, clinches with Sadollah and pins him against the fence every chance he gets.Sobotta attempts to sweep Sadollah several times and get him to the ground, but Sadollah defends well, and keeps the fight standing the entire time. Despite not dealing any damage at all, Sobotta controlled Sadollah on the fence for most of the round, so the judges most probably gave it to him. 

The second round starts and Sadollah once again is very active with his strikes and mixes everything up nicely, with a leg kick landing quite accurately more often than not. Sobotta also looks to have adapted game plans a bit. Instead of clinching and attempting to take Sadollah to the ground, he instead attempts to stand up with him. Sobotta is severely outclassed in this regard, as Sadollah controls the fight on the feet quite nicely with his kicks, and neutralizes plenty of Sobotta's strikes.
Amir Sadollah lands a straight right

Sadollah continues to throw those leg kicks and lands perfectly every time. The effects are clearly seen as Sobotta's footwork and explosiveness disappear bit by bit throughout the round. And, just before the bell rings, Sadollah drops Sobotta with a huge front kick to the body. Sadollah clearly took that round. 

The third round is very similar to the second, with Sadollah controlling the stand up war with his kicks and consistently chopping away at Sobotta's left leg. As the round drew a close, Sadollah quickened the pace and attempted to finish Sobotta with first a knee, then a kick, to the head, but failed to knock his opponent out. Regardless, He wins the fight via unanimous decision (30-27). I am very glad that all three judges recognized that, despite pinning Sadollah on the fence for much of the first round, Sobotta was not pressing the action too much and was dealing no damage, so they did not award the round to him. 

This was a very awesome win for Amir. I've been a huge fan of his since his time on The Ultimate Fighter Season 7, and hopes he wins more fights in the UFC, and possibly even get a run for the title down the line. 

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