Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's official. After countless urgings by UFC President Dana White for him to hang up his gloves, Chuck Liddell finally made the decision he thought he'd never have to. A pure competitor by heart, if it weren't for his currently suspect chin, "The Iceman" would have never retired.

"I'm just not able to put it together anymore", Liddell said. "I don't know whether it's time or what it is, but I can't take a shot very well anymore. If that's what it is, fine." Though Liddell would have liked to go out on a winning streak, he admits that if he had continued to win he would never have considered retiring.

Being the first real star of the sport and a huge part of why the UFC grew to what is today, Dana White would never let his good friend out of the Octagon without something worthwhile in return. Chuck Liddell is now the UFC's executive Vice President of Business Development, and is now on level and on par with all the top executives. Not a bad retirement if you ask me.

For me, Liddell's retirement was inevitable. I honestly thought that he would retire after getting knocked out by Shogun. He would actually go on for one last hurrah by facing former UFC Middleweight champion Rich Franklin, but then would get knocked out at the very end of the first round. Liddell fought his heart out and was in top condition for that fight, but his body just couldn't take much more punishment. His chin gave out and that's all she wrote.

Liddell's still going to be a large part of the UFC, though, and will undoubtedly make many appearances and still speak up at important press conferences. He was always an impressive ambassador for the sport, and will continue to be as such. Whether in the Octagon or in the board room, Chuck Liddell will always be remembered for the Hall of Famer that he truly is.

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