Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I recently saw Tron Legacy in Imax 3D and enjoyed it very much. Critics, however, are very divided with it. It, for example, currently holds a 49% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, yet top critic Roger Ebert gave it 3 out of 4 stars. Some even speculate that, in order to even like the film, you had to have loved the original. I personally do not believe this to be true. While I did see the original film as a child and liked it, I feel that I did not love it enough to make any significant emotions carry over into my enjoyment of the sequel. I simply enjoyed Tron Legacy for its own merits, no more no less. Here's the official trailer:

Whether you enjoyed the movie or not, it is difficult to deny that it did contain not only some spectacular special effects and computer graphics wizardry, but also some very impressive stuntwork. The stuntwork is highlighted in the battles primarily utilizing the Discs, and one character stands above the rest in this regard: the masked combatant known as Rinzler.

Rinzler is played by French stuntman Anis Cheurfa and, as he reveals in a recent interview with PopEater, his particular brand of stunt work is called Tricking". Here's a bit from the interview:

So it's called "tricking," right?
Yeah. It's a mix between some of the basic martial arts -- taekwondo mostly because it's a lot of kicking -- and we mix it with gymnastics, capoeira, some break-dancing motion and make it our own thing. I've been doing it for eight years.

Anis Cheurfa plays the warrior Rinzler in Tron Legacy
Did the 'Tron' team already have tricking built into the script?
Yeah, they had my character as a very athletic guy -- the best fighter in the whole grid, in the whole 'Tron' world. They wanted him to be like, very fancy with the flips and stuff.

What is the action like in this movie?
Fancy! That's all I can say. It's stuff that would never happen in the real world, for example. It's really flashy and cool-looking.


Was there much wire-work?
There were a couple wire gags, but nothing like 'The Matrix.' We just used it for some stunt work, but not a lot.

And here's an interview with E! that Anis did where he also demonstrates some moves from Tricking:

Being a martial arts fan, the capoeira / gymnastics hybrid moves were what stood out the most for me when I saw the stunts. Really brilliant stuff in my opinion, and I really like the fact that they used as little wire-work as possible. I loved the stunts so much that I'm going to write a detailed article on the moves when I get the chance to watch them over and over again after purchasing the blu-ray. There was some really powerful work on this film that I'm sure I won't get tired of any time soon.

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