Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here are Yun and Yang's fully animated endings from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. The video's in Japanese, but there's also a translation courtesy of Event Hubs:


Yang's Ending
Chun-Li: Yang!
Yang: Chun-Li! Are you already leaving?
Chun-Li: Yeah... so, I've heard you left home without a warning... you must had been scolded, right?

Yang: *Giggles* Of course... but it was a good experience, we met many strong people out of this city.
Chun-Li: Thankfully :)
Yun: Oh! You've come!
Chun-Li: I've just come to greet the "Lee elders". And it was brief, but thanks for everything.
Yun: If you ever get to be looking for a help, you can count on me anytime!
Yang: If you ever pass by, come visit us! We will repay you for all the trouble we caused... said my brother.
Yun: Why!? D:
Chun-Li: Ill look forward for it! Bye bye.
Yang: OK! Until some other day!

Yun's Ending
Yun: Wow! That was awesome! I didn't really understand what was up with the last guy, but in the end didn't we get to go to real cool places? ;D
Yang: That's great... but brother, we are almost reaching the city, shouldn't you start thinking about a good excuse?
Yun: An excuse...?
Hoymay: Hey! Aren't you guys just Yun and Yang!? You just disappeared without any warnings! What were you guys thinking making people worried like that!?
Yun: Hoymay?! D:
Hoymay: You're not going to run away! Yang!
Yang: Right, right...
Yun: Yang!? What the hell are you doing!?
Hoymay: Now come along! the elders are waiting!
Yun: Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! heeey... ;(

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